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Discover Minnetonka Minnesota

Sitting not far from Minneapolis, the city of Minnetonka continues to appeal to area residents as a quality place to settle down, raise a family and enjoy the benefits of life in the greater Minneapolis area. What is it about the community that draws nearly 51,500 people here? A combination of elements that work together make Minnetonka the community of choice for many families.

As you drive through the streets of Minnetonka, the city's numerous parks shine like glowing green emeralds in the midst of a thriving city. Minnetonka boasts 49 parks and over 1,000 acres of public open space, which means those who purchase property here are almost guaranteed to have a park nearby to enjoy. Although Minnetonka is not on the lake that is the city's namesake, Lake Minnetonka, it is close enough for residents to enjoy boating, fishing and other water sports. Wetlands, prairies and acres of forests with mature trees add to the natural beauty of Minnetonka. When you make the move to Minnetonka, you are making the move to a city that embraces its natural wonders well, and works hard to protect them.

Yet natural beauty is just one benefit of purchasing one of the many homes for sale in Minnetonka MN . The city's rich history is another benefit and this is clearly seen in many of the historic buildings in and around the city. Before the area became Minnetonka, the land was sacred ground for the Ojibway Chippewa and Dakota Sioux Native Americans.

The city's official history began in 1852 when the first settlement was erected at the present day Minnetonka Mills location. Soon, mills entered the scene, and the industry continued to grow until it became the thriving community it is today. Several historic structures, like the Burwell House and the old Town Hall building, which now house the Minnetonka Community Church, point back to the earlier days of the community.

Of course, history and natural beauty are not enough to sustain a thriving community and Minnetonka continues to thrive. Part of the reason for that is the city's growing economy. Minnetonka is home to Cargill, the largest privately owned company in the United States, and United Healthcare, the largest publicly owned company in the state. Both of these provide those who purchase Minnetonka MN homes for sale with ample employment opportunities. The city of Minneapolis is just a short 8 mile drive away for commuters.

Parents considering moving to Minnetonka will want to know about the educational offerings of the city. Minnetonka has highly rated schools that provide an excellent education to the children who live in the community. This, combined with the city's excellent parks and a crime rate that is much lower than both national and state averages, makes life with kids in Minnetonka quite pleasant. In fact, many kids who grow up in Minnetonka feel they never want to leave.

So what is there to love about Minnetonka? Ask an area resident and the answer will be "Everything!"

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