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Discover Plymouth Minnesota

Spend some time in Plymouth MN, and you will see quickly why it’s ranked as one of the top places to live in the country according to CNN's Money Magazine. This community, once an encampment for the Dakota tribe, has grown into a wealthy, thriving town. It has one of the area's top-rated school systems and a very low unemployment rate, which have created a highly satisfied population. Today, over 72,600 people call Plymouth home, and the population continues to grow as the city's amenities draw more people to the suburbs.

Plymouth sits 12 miles northwest of Minneapolis but the city definitely feels suburban. The city's natural amenities are part of what give it this non-urban feel. Medicine Lake, the county's second largest lake, provides a natural highlight for those who live in and visit Plymouth. Whether you spend your time on the water or simply having a picnic next to it, you will appreciate the presence of this natural asset. Medicine Lake is just one of over a half-dozen large water bodies in and around Plymouth.

Those who purchase one of the many homes for sale in Plymouth MN will be able to benefit from the city's unique history. At around the time of the Civil War, what had been a fort and small militia community began to grow into an actual town. After the Civil War, the city continued to grow, and in the late 1800s, what is now Plymouth had turned into a major tourist attraction complete with resorts around Medicine Lake. Plymouth was incorporated in 1955, and since that time has continued to grow, both in population and in popularity.

For parents, Plymouth offers excellent schools in highly regarded school districts. Plenty of community parks and an extensive trail system are also appealing to young families, as they provide many places where children can stay active. Total, the city has 53 developed parks spanning an impressive 1,200 acres. Those who purchase houses for sale in Plymouth MN can spend plenty of time outdoors enjoying these open spaces.

Whether you are making the move to Plymouth to enjoy the suburban lifestyle while commuting to nearby Minneapolis or have found employment in one of the many businesses within Plymouth, you will find the community to be an inviting one with ample amenities for a comfortable lifestyle.

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