Mimi Ryerse
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Edina Reality


This lady knows how to get things done!

“ Told her I wanted to sell my townhouse at the start of winter, boom done, needed a house a couple months later, boom done. She’s very knowledgeable and knows the area, kept me in my price range even if I thought I could go higher and looking at houses with her was always a blast. She answered every question no matter what time of the day I asked her and always had that smile on her face. I would recommend her to everyone” Jill

Thank You Mimi!

“I want to thank you and your staff for the professional way you handled the whole process of marketing and closing the sale of my home.” Jane

Smooth and Worry Free Transaction

“Thank you for making our transaction smooth and worry free. You work with a good team too.” Janice and Bryan

It Was Our Pleasure to Work with Such a Professional

“Mimi kept us informed through written and verbal communication. It was our pleasure to work with such a professional person.” Al and Connie

Attention to Detail

“We appreciate your enthusiasm and attention to detail.” Andrea and Jim

Mimi is a Delight to Work With

“Mimi is patient, professional, prompt and, most of all, caring. She is a delight to work with. Lisa

Mimi Has a Dynamite Team!

“You’re dynamite, far beyond what I ever imagined! You made the sale of my home so much easier! You have a dynamite team!” Kit

You are the Best!

“You’re simply the best.” Susan

Mimi Takes Pride in Her Work

“You did it! I appreciate it so much. It’s evident that you take pride in your work and you work hard. I really want you to come out and find something for your house because I have beautiful things left over from my business.

I can’t begin to tell you how much selling this house has helped my outlook. Thank you!” Lisa

Thank You for Your Hard Work

“Michael and I always thought we would have another meeting with you to have the opportunity to truly thank you for all you did to sell our home. Thank you, Mimi, for your hard work. I enjoyed having you to walk that path with. Our buyer has called us a few times asking questions and always saying they love the house. All our best to you Boni and Michael

You Are the Greatest Realtor Ever!

“You’re simply the best.” Susan

You are the Best!

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work and for representing us even when we were ‘freaks’!! You are the greatest realtor ever! The Albers

Mimi Ryerse is an Excellent Realtor!

“It is our wish to tell Edina Realty management about the excellent quality of their representative Mimi Ryerse. When we made the decision to sell our home of twenty-vie years, we selected Ms. Ryerse of Edina Realty because she presented to us a plan that agreed with the needs and objectives we required. Previous to this, we have received an appraisal on this property from her and she represented us in a home purchase in 1999.

Our home went on the market the beginning of March 2000. It was sold in the second half of April. During this period she worked very hard for us. She kept us informed, through written and verbal communication about what was going ion regarding the sale of our home.

Ms. Ryerse’s programs resulted in more than sixty realtors, from seven real estate companies, representing sixteen offices, viewing our home. We had, at least, thirty schedule showings to potential buyers. Photos of the home were published in newspapers seven times and she even held an exceptional properties member meeting at our home. The marketing booklet and home information brochures were changes as needed to reflect the changing season.

It was our pleasure to work with this professional person. She was right in every way when she told us Edina Realty had the programs and support to sell our home.” Al and Connie

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