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Discover Wayzata Minnesota

Wayzata sits on the shores of Lake Minnetonka just 11 miles to the west of Minneapolis. This thriving suburban lakeside village is considered by many of its residents as the best place to see the state's most popular lake. With boutique shops along the river and a rich history for the entire village, it's no wonder there is a huge demand for Wayzata MN real estate..

Wayzata earned its place on the map around the time of the steamboats, when vacationers from the southern part of the state started traveling up Lake Minnetonka and docking at Wayzata. The St. Paul and Pacific Railroad, which would become today's BNSF, extended its tracks from St. Paul to the new city, and soon hotels were developed, and the town grew into a small resort town. Over time a thriving residential community grew around the resorts, and soon the town had merged into a vacation location and residential hub. In the 1950s, land from nearby communities was annexed to allow the city to nearly double in size. Today it is home to over 3,600 people with a population that is constantly growing.

For those who purchase homes for sale in Wayzata MN, the fact that it has a strong draw for tourists is less important than the economic opportunities the community provides. While you might be shopping for a home in Wayzata with the intention of commuting to Minneapolis, and you can do so easily from this location, the community has several employment options of its own. It is home to the corporate headquarters of Cargill, Inc., and is also the community where the TCF regional bank is based. Whether you commute or work within the city, you will find the economic opportunities to be abundant.

Wayzata is also known for its excellent schools, which is good news for families making the move to this community. The Wayzata Public School District receives exceptional ratings, and students also have the option to attend schools in other districts under the state's open district plan. This freedom and the excellent local schools are a tremendous benefit to parents in Wayzata.

Yes, with excellent schools, employment options and a lakefront lifestyle, Wayzata and the many homes available in this community have much to appeal to potential buyers. Start your search for your next home today, and put Wayzata on your list of potential communities to consider.

1000 Superior Boulevard Suite 200, Wayzata, MN
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150 Lake Street West, Wayzata, MN